Montag, Mai 03, 2010

Apple Blossom

This weekend was Apple Blossom. We got off on Friday and there was a festival in Winchster (city 15min from Berryville) all weekend long. Apparently this festival is a big deal all along the east coast. Well I didn't really get THAT feeling but went there with frinds two days.
Friday we were helping out at the one mile (1600m) for the little kids. Can you believe that the youngest kids are 5-6 years old? I think running that age is sick. But I have to admit some of them were fast!
Saturday we went to see the big parede. At night we went out to dinner for Blake's birthday. The food was really good and the waitresses sang 'happy birthday' for him. After that we went to the carnival, which is basicly like a 'Jahrmarkt'.

But there was no 'Tanz in den Mai' on Friday. :(

Now I'm soo excited for my dad to come on Wednesday!! :)

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  1. Hallo mein Schatz,
    Papa freut sich genauso wie Du auf ein Wiedersehen. Svea und ich wünschen Euch viel Spaß.
    Im nächsten Jahr fahren wir dann zu viert.
    Liebe Grüße Mama