Mittwoch, Mai 26, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a while but I was really busy. But at least I have a lot to talk about :)

Wednesday, May 19th, was my last track meet. Even though I didn't qualify for this district meet my coach still put me in. These qualifying times are so fast, I'm not even dreaming of ever running that fast. :) He put me in the 1 mile, probably because I surprised him in this event the week before. I ran a 6:35 min, which improved my time again by 5 sec AND I didn't come in last!! That totally made my day! :D But since this was during the week the meet lasted forever and we didn't get back before midnight.
The next day I didn't have more time to rest. After school we drove to a riding lesson and when we finally got back from that I had to write some stupid history essay. (Yes, I acutally had to write an essay for school. I'm telling you imma fail next year!)
Friday night I went to the movies with Ally + Lauren. But we didn't go to the normal theatre but to the drive in. The movie was on a humongous wall and everyone's watching form their car or truck. We girls were laying on top of the car with a bunch of blankets and pillows. We really need a drive in theatre in Germany. Or do we even have something like that and I just don't know about it. Anyways, it's really funny!

The next day was Saturday, Promnight. In the morning Ally and I went to get our nails done and met like 11 other girls from our school at the nail place. That was extremely funny and everyone was so excited. Later Becca came over to my house cause she asked me to do her hair. After that I got myself ready.
This dance, which is just for Juniors or Seniors with their dates, is really a big deal here in America. Some girls buy their dresses months in advance, and many get their nails + hair professionally done. Guys are supposed to match their date and buy or rent a tux. Dates buy each other folwers and take a ton of pictures together. So as a normal American student I wouldn't go without a serious date or a friend you know you'll have fun at these kind of dances. Prome is for dates. You could not only tell because of the discount on couple tickets, but also because of the music. Well I still had fun with Chistine as my 'date' ;) and the other people we went with. Our group had dinner together at Becca's before. That's were we also took a ton of pictures even though it was raining. We made the best out of it. This rain also made the plans after prom a little more difficult so a couple of us just went to Ally's.

The next day I couldn't really relax because of some exchange-student-meeting where I went straight from Ally's. At the meeting we were talking about going home, the problems we could have with that, and our experiences in the US. I loved talking about my American experience cause all of us were kinda in the same situation. All of us are from different countries and got to know the American way of life. But everyones impressions differed a little since we live with different families and were comparing everything to our homecountry. Germany isn't the same than France, Spain, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, or Malaysia. And none of the countries are like America.

Yeah, that's what's been happening here. I'm really excited gettin back home and see y'all but at the same time it's weird leaving all this without knowing when I'm gonna see it again.

You'll get prompictures in the next couple of days. I promise!

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