Dienstag, April 27, 2010

Earth Day

Vorab erst einmal eine Frage. Feiern wir 'Earth Day' in Germany??

Earth day was last Tuesday and because of that a few of the exchange students went to volunteer on the Earth Day Festival in Lauden County, the richest county in the US (Did you expect some county here in Virginia to be the richest in the whole US?)

It was fun but in the end of the day I was sooo tired. Not only because of that day, I couldn't sleep in at all last weekend. On Sunday I got picked at 7am for the volunteer project and on Saturday we had a track meet and left the school at 7am and got back at 6pm. So I spent the whole day at the meet and my race was at 9 in the morning. So after that I had nothing else to do. I think running cross county is more my thing. Maybe because there are more ppl in one race and so as long as you are not under the last couple of ppl I consider everyone as good :)So at track it's kinda easyer to look slow... I don't feel slow when I'm running but most of the ppl are still faster. I don't know how they do that. My legs just don't move that fast :D But I'm working to get better so I'm better when my dad's comming to watch me in two weeks :)

Mittwoch, April 21, 2010

another week of april

Only 14 days left till my dad's coming to visit. It's gonna be exciting what he thinks about my life here. I still remember my first thoughts about America :D but by now I'm used to most of it...

The last two days I had science field trips. A couple of the science classes went to Monocacy and Manassas Battlefield Park. Since the American Civil Was was fought in this region we also got to see some history. Tuesday we took a lot of water samples to measure ph, persent of oxigen, etc and today we were looking at living organisms in the river. With this group of poeple we had a lot of fun and it was definitely better than going to school. ;)

I'm also getting closer to my goal to do one cross country event with Rosalie here before I leave. I've been starting jumping with her and we're getting better and better and last Saturday we went to a combined test. Dressage and Jumping. Unfortunatelly the dressage was extremly boring since I just had to walk and trot (yes I'm being serious) but I needed the low level for jumping because we are still beginners. Yeah... the jumping part was more rushing over the jumps and not at all the way we've been practicing but I still think we did a good job.

That night I went over to Ally's for her surprise birthday party. She really had no clue about it at all. She went out to dinner before while we got to her house. It was so funny seeing her opening the door of the basement (all decorated with balloons), finding a few friends plus her parents, who got home earlier, jumping up from behind the bar.

I really want a surprise party!!!

Sonntag, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

Well, it went by pretty fast. Just one week of spring break really isn't enough at all. But the weather was perfect. So I was reading outside in about 30 degree weather getting tanned. I read the sadest book ever, 'The Last Song, and seriously almost cryed. Yesterday I went with Ally and Lauren to see the movie. But it was so different form the book that I wasn't that impressed. Other than reading I rode with Christine and Richelle down to the river, I had a riding lesson with Rosalie, Jade came over, Christine had a camping party, and I went shopping. Now I just don't wanna go back to school tomorrow...

Dienstag, April 06, 2010

Happy late Easter!

Thanks to everyone i could skype with on sunday. That was my highlight of the day!! I loved it and can't wait to see you all again.


danke an alle, die am Sonntag auf Svea's Geburtstag waren und mit mir skypen konnten. Ich fand das total toll und freu mich schon euch alle wiederzusehen. :)

Meine amerikanischen Ostern bestanden aus Kirche, Osterkorb, Ostereier faerben, essen und die Sonne geniessen. Patrices Schweser und Sarah's Cousin waren hier und somit war es bei uns auch ein Familientag. Svea darf jetzt erst einmal neidisch sein und noch mehr mit Angelika schimpfen. Ich haben keine Suessigkeiten oder Ostereier im Garten gesucht! :D Wir haben nur hartgekoche Eier eingefaerbt.