Montag, Juni 07, 2010

Today is June 7th!

Do you know what that means??? Well if you've followed my blog or talked to my family we know that imma be home in exactly one month. I know the time seriously flew by so freaking fast.

This Sunday we had kinda like a good bye pax poolparty with all the exchangestudents. Actually not even all of them cause one girl is already back home since the middle of May I think. Anyways, this really made all of us think how soon we'll be home - and I'm actually the one who stays here the longest. None of the other exchange students stay fot 4th of July. But we didn't let the thought of leaving our new American familie and friends too close and just had fun that day.

The week before we had our own pool party for Memorial Day here at our house. Nobody had to go to school because of the holiday and in the after noon many of Patrice's friends came over with their families. The only people I knew were Nelsons and Mike, Lisa and Britany. (Sarah's and my trainers and their working student for this summer)The funniest thing that day was that I realized how tanned I am. :D I was sitting between Sarah and Britany at the pool and they're both so pale, or at least their legs. But I think it wasn't just them I think my legs have never been that tanned before. They're almost as tanned as my arms. Until that day Sarah always used riding and wearing briches as her excuse/explanation for not being tanned but then the realized that I ride as much as she does. I don't really know how my legs got tanned but I think it's from running because I have a shorts tanline - unfortunatelly. But other than running it's true that I've been outside a lot lately. The weather is just so great. I love the sun!! But here it gets really humid so that it feels even hotter than it already is. Imma be wearing sweatchirts all the time back in Germany when I hear about your 12 degree Celcius over there. I'm definitely panning on taking the sun with me.

The Memorial Day weekend was pretty busy for me. The day before the pool party Sarah and I went to a combined training test (jumping and dressage)which went pretty well for us over all. Sarah came in first in her level and I ... well I dont' need to explain everything but the important thing is that Rosalie and I improved a lot from last time. Our dressage was ok but compared to everyone else we woulda won over all if I wouldn't have made a stupid mistake.
At night we went out for dinner and bowling with Mike, Lisa, and Britany. We went to a similar restaurant we took my dad so the cooked our food in front of us. I know I live in luxory here :) But I suck at bowling. Both times Sarah and I came in last and second to last. Mama sait it musta been the name. ;)

Friday night I went to the movies with Christine and we watched 'Sex and the City 2'. Has anyone seen that yet??

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