Montag, Juni 21, 2010


The summer is here and my stay in the US is coming to an end. The last 4 days of school we just had final exams and the 16th was our last days. It's summer!! Well, the weather was perfect even before that. Here in Virginia the summer is extremely hot and humid (compared to Germany). But other than for riding I don't have any problems with that and won't complain at all because we have this awesome pool!! :) Because of that Sarah and I have frinds over all the time now. Hanging out around the pool and jumping in the water when it gets too hot. By now even the water temperature is perfect for me. It isn't freezing cold any more, just perfect. Well the people who know me probably think the water is extremely warm when I say it's not too cold. :D

me, Ally, Becca, Kelly

me, Becca, Kelly

Jade (France), Amaia (Spain), me (Germany)

I'm sorry i haven't written anything new in a while but I totally forgot the time. This year went by so fast. I can remember the big snowstorm as if it was two weeks ago. Now that we don't have school and the weather is so awesome I completely forget time. Hanging out at the pool with friends, doing my last big shopping trip with Ally, and I'm going to a good bye pool party today. All the other exchange students are leaving even sooner than I am.

But even if it doesn't sound like it I'm also looking forward to see you guys again! 11 months is a long time and I can't believe I haven't seen y'all in such a long time. My good bye party in Germany doesn't seem that long ago, does it?? Besides I have to come back to support Germany. Why do all the usually good European countries suck right now at whe fifa world cup?? That was the first thing we talked about last Friday when Amaia and Jade came over. It was extremely funny since we had poeple from the best soccer teams in Europe (Germany, Spain and France). My idea was that we have to go back to our home country to support them from there so that they gonna do better (even though Amaia from Spain supports Germany) cause right now we are in the US and they are doing extremely well.

Going home also means getting started with my drivers license. Well right now after 11 months US I really wanna drive, since it was normal for teenagers to drive here but on the other hand I'm not ready cause of the many car accidents they have. Earlier in the year there was a big car crash where the car got torn apart into two pieced and the two students were supposed to die. Then on this Saturday morning a guy in my grade died because of a car accident. It seems so unreal cause I knew that kid. We weren't friends but he was in my grade, had a class together and have even talked before. Maybe it's good that the driving age in Germany is older.


  1. Hallo Sarah,

    schön für Dich, dass ihr so warme Temperaturen habt. Bei uns haben wir heute zwar Sommeranfang, aber es ist dafür doch noch sehr kalt. Nachts wird es immer unter 10 Grad. Mama und Svea sitzen in der Stube und frieren und wollen die Heizung wieder anschalten. Und auch tags über waren heute bloß 15 Grad (in München)mit Regen. Der Mais, der jetzt eigentlich schon 1 Meter hoch sein sollte, ist immer noch bei 20 cm und in der Farbe eher gelb als grün. Genieße den Sommer in US. Wer weiß wann du einen hier in good old Germany bekommst.

    Viele Grüße
    Mama und Papa

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  3. Your hot so are your friends wanna bang